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Pictures of the day – 2017-06-28

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

In order to fight our deadliest enemy… the unexpectedly warm weather (today it was 37°C/98.6°F here)… I will post a cool picture from North Abyssor (Abyss of Parliament). My favourite character from Touhou (which gameplay is like staying dry in a torrential rain) is the poverty-ridden and short-tempered shrine maiden, Hakurei Reimu. So a Reimu picture from North Abyssor? That’s double coolness!

Source: | Artist: North Abyssor (pixiv) | Webpage:

P.S. I found an awesome track on youtube and also it’s for free and free stuff rocks.

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Pictures of the day – 2017-06-24

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

I found one of Tenmu Shinryuusai‘s work on the internet probably ten years ago or so but it was love at first sight. His pictures are generally safe to view but some of his works feature nudity although in a more artistic sense than a plain erotic picture.

Source: | Artist: Tenmu Shinryuusai (pixiv) | Circle: Nagomi | Webpage:

P.S.: But a cat is fine too!

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Picture of the day – 2017-06-21

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

I really like the way ke-ta draws his characters but many, let’s be honest most of his pictures are NFSW so you can’t easily find one that fits as a background.

Source: | Artist: ke-ta (pixiv) | Circle: Gekidoku Shoujo

P.S.: This is one of the things I really wanted to do since Neregate went offline. At the moment pictures look like shit without borders and a proper lightbox because I can’t get to work those damn plugins.

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Novelek 00 – Bevezető

HungarianNovel No comments - Seya.Raysen

Olvassunk, avagy bevezetés a Novelek világába.

A mostani cikket a noveleknek szánom, amibe mind a Light és a Web Novel beletartozik. Mivel nem ugyanaz a kettő. De hogy miért is foglalkozok én ezzel? Mert az utóbbi pár évben elég rendesen novel függővé váltam, mindezt az animék kárára. Előre is leszögezem, nem bántam meg. Amit még fontos megjegyeznem, hogy japán novelekről beszélek. Mivel létezik kínai, koreai és sok más egyéb forrásból származó mű is.

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A new day, a new beginning

English No comments - Kagamin

Greetings! We’re officially opened our blog… what could you expect? Honestly I don’t know but we will see it…


PH team

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