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  • The return

    The return

    After 3 years of forced hiatus due to some serious technical issue with blog’s SQL tables and some other human issues the blog is now […]

  • Goals and changes

    Hi there! After little more than a month (and after some hard exams) I’ve decided the future goals of this blog. Basically I will bring […]

  • Sorting out

    I’m still sorting out what should I do with this blog. I don’t have too much time to write what I want to. But I […]

  • Exams, exams, exams…

    I’m still here but I’m extremely busy with my exams. I will make the site GDPR-compatible later. Until then, here some music: P.S.: I really […]

  • About GDPR…

    Due to GDPR and my lack of time to make the site compatible I temporally disabled registration. Also I made something similar to a privacy […]