The return

After 3 years of forced hiatus due to some serious technical issue with blog’s SQL tables and some other human issues the blog is now fully returned. I still have some work with pages and posts because so much changed in WordPress’ engine and plugins. Also the previous theme is refused to work on this newer version of WordPress so we decided with Hughes that I should use a more recent theme for the blog (the last update of the previous one was back in 2012).

Plans for the future

  • Continue the Picture of the day and Worth to check out series
  • Review some of the games that I possess in my Steam library
  • Share some of my bash scripts and other stuff that I find useful
  • Write reviews about animes, mangas and light novels (maybe visual novels)
  • Share some of our gameplay videos
  • Etc.

Let’s hope this time there won’t be any issues like a webpage migration and a wordpress export tool that forgot to save the user table. Also the address will associate again with site again… hopefully soon enough.