Picture of the day – 2017-11-06

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It’s been a quite while I last posted something. First of all let me blame the stupid flu that I managed to get during a morning dash to my workplace. During the mornings it’s getting quite chilly here.

About today’s picture… previously I was not familiar with Gengetsu Chiriro‘s work, but oh well…

“Come, poor soul. an endless journey with me..”

Source: Yande.re | Artist: Gengetsu Chihiro (pixiv)

P.S. Expect more coming later and of course I’m STILL ALIVE!

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Youtube series – Lets ride a bike

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I like the GoPro videos. So… just enjoy.

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Novelek 02 – Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomoni

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A nagy nyári meleg elhaladtával ismét képes vagyok billentyűzetet ragadni és folytatni a cikkírást. El is hoztam nektek a következő részt.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomoni

In a Different World with a Smartphone

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Is GCC on our doorstep?

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Today I will talk about *CENSORED* so I think we *CENSORED* so that’s why we should *CENSORED*. If today’s trend continue then “free speech” in the future will look something like this.

GCC is an arconym for Global Corporate Congress and it is a reference to a show called Continuum. The future that show depict is quite dark and somewhat realistic. A future where big companies are in control of every aspect of life after the fall of governments. I don’t want to live a world like that PERIOD.

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Firefox – every good thing has come to an end…

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I started to use Firefox as a main browser around 2007 but after almost ten years I can’t agree anymore with the direction Mozilla and their browser have recently taken. For example I hate Australis but with add-ons like Classic Theme Restorer I can mostly restore the original layout of the browser. By the way more than half of the addons I use are functionality restoring ones that put back the features Mozilla removed (like Panorama, the download window etc). With Firefox 57 that will change because XPCOM and XUL will be removed from the equation. So what will differ Firefox from any chrome-based browser? Almost NOTHING. Plus I don’t want experience the growing pain of the new back-end as an user.

The war between browsers in the past (image source: shoze.blogspot.com)

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