About us

The main goal of this blog is to have fun nothing more and nothing less.

is our reason to be here!


I’m an engineer and also a tech and IT enthusiast (I also have some work experience in PHP and CSS). I will write my articles mostly in English in order to reach a wider audience and to hone my language skills. A long time ago I was a fansubber but those times were gone long ago.


I’m a lazy and hardcore cynical person (in the eyes of others ofc, they’re lying btw). What I like? SWEETS!!! And after that, anime, manga, light/web/visual novels, lot of various music, Japan turist, train, travel and landscape videos (yeah, I’m a lazy person, but it’s a good thing). What I don’t like? Facebook, a lot of people around me (they’re annoying -_-“), and unnececary things (various things).