Recommendations on Youtube – Why are you doing this?

First of all my browser settings and addons:

  • Vanilla Cookie Manager purges every cookie hourly (except whitelisted ones)
  • most of the scripts are blocked by ScriptSafe (because Monero JavaScript miners and Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability)
  • Do not track me” is activated in the browser settings (personally I don’t think that matters but hey, why not)

Basically I don’t get recommended contents based on my “preferences” but this way I get the general sh*t and I usually get something like this…

Being biased is bad…

Please note the number of subscribers:

  • Electronic music: 840.000 (that’s fair because music is good)
  • Family Guy: 26.000 (I prefer The Simpons but Family Guy is also good)
  • Viktor Orbán: 630 (What? How does this one get here?)

I usually get results like this. So by default I get low-rated fishy political content on the index page of Youtube and my biggest concern is its one-sidedness (usually againts the recent government). I don’t know what algorithm they are using but they are doing it WRONG.

Maybe I should get my tin foil hat and start to beleive… or not. But this is again deeply concerning and I’m a bit curious that they are using the same method in other countries or not…



6 responses to “Recommendations on Youtube – Why are you doing this?”

  1. Nightingale Avatar

    The election is hard and stiff… Oh wait, I think I misspelled a word…

    1. Kagamin Avatar

      Aha, I see what you did there… Usually I do avoid a post like this but this is so blatant I couldn’t and can’t remain silent. Elections are shady stuff as well as your erection and I don’t want to hear anything about them… XD

    2. Seya.Raysen Avatar

      My plant have an erection,
      it’s now hard and stiff.
      So I can’t go to the election,
      ‘cuz I’m now har….
      I don’t care anymore.

      1. Kagamin Avatar

        Okay, let’s call it a day pervy old geezers and stop talking about having problems getting hard or not on a certain day.

  2. Seya.Raysen Avatar

    Btw it’s your own fault. You protection maniac. xD

    And Youtube is dumb as always. Subscribe the channel you like and enjoy your life. Like me.

    1. Kagamin Avatar

      OK, enjoy mining for others.

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