Recommendations on Youtube – Why are you doing this?


First of all my browser settings and addons:

  • Vanilla Cookie Manager purges every cookie hourly (except whitelisted ones)
  • most of the scripts are blocked by ScriptSafe (because Monero JavaScript miners and Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability)
  • Do not track me” is activated in the browser settings (personally I don’t think that matters but hey, why not)

Basically I don’t get recommended contents based on my “preferences” but this way I get the general sh*t and I usually get something like this…

Being biased is bad…

Please note the number of subscribers:

  • Electronic music: 840.000 (that’s fair because music is good)
  • Family Guy: 26.000 (I prefer The Simpons but Family Guy is also good)
  • Viktor Orbán: 630 (What? How does this one get here?)

I usually get results like this. So by default I get low-rated fishy political content on the index page of Youtube and my biggest concern is its one-sidedness (usually againts the recent government). I don’t know what algorithm they are using but they are doing it WRONG.

Maybe I should get my tin foil hat and start to beleive… or not. But this is again deeply concerning and I’m a bit curious that they are using the same method in other countries or not…