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Picture of the day – 2017-08-04

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

Okay, so I neglected my “job” for a long time. I know but this freakin’ hot weather is slowly killing me. But I digress… today’s picture is from Yuuki Tatsuya. The majority of his pictures are SFW but expect some questionable ones too. If you are someone like me who enjoys recent SOL seinen stuff (A Channel, Yuyushiki, Yuru Yuri and so on) than you will find a shit-ton of a good pictures in his gallery.

I don’t know why but I loved this show…

Source: | Artist: Yuuki Tatsuya (pixiv) | Circle: Studio S.D.T. | Webpage:

I broke my promise and I uploaded a non-scenic image but oh well…


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Ghostery – it’s time to switch

EnglishWeb browsing 4 comments - Kagamin

After the last update Ghostery decided to not work neither of my devices (browser: Firefox, OS: Linux and Windows). So I thought it was time to replace with another addon. I chose Ublock Origin and I don’t regret my decision.

Choose wisely your fox’s companion!

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Picture of the day – 2017-07-09

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

I neglected my “job” in the last few days but it’s time for a picture-of-the-day post. This time the artist is Karory and a fun fact about her… it seems like her name came from “caloire” (カロリー). Oh, and yet another artist with many NSFW pictures, please be aware of that.

Source: | Artist: karory (pixiv) | Circle: KAROMIX | Webpage:

Next time I should post a picture/wallpaper with a different setup/theme maybe a scenic picture like this (I’m using this one as my lock screen for my PC).

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A small rant about Windows 10

EnglishOperating SystemRant 2 comments - Kagamin

Let’s talk about Microsoft latest operating system and my user experience as far. I started to use Manjaro (arch-based GNU/Linux distro) a few months ago and honestly I’m quite satisfied with it’s performance and reliability (okay, a small bug here, another one there but nothing that I can’t handle). At my workplace we have some new hardware (powered by Kaby Lake CPUs) so we have to use Windows 10 to get updates for the OS and I also have a Windows 10 installation as a virtual machine for obvious compatibility reasons.

Bye Nanami, it was fun but it’s over now…

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Pictures of the day – 2017-06-28

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

In order to fight our deadliest enemy… the unexpectedly warm weather (today it was 37°C/98.6°F here)… I will post a cool picture from North Abyssor (Abyss of Parliament). My favourite character from Touhou (which gameplay is like staying dry in a torrential rain) is the poverty-ridden and short-tempered shrine maiden, Hakurei Reimu. So a Reimu picture from North Abyssor? That’s double coolness!

Source: | Artist: North Abyssor (pixiv) | Webpage:

P.S. I found an awesome track on youtube and also it’s for free and free stuff rocks.

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