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Sorting out

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I’m still sorting out what should I do with this blog. I don’t have too much time to write what I want to. But I also opened the registration and so if you have any suggestion then you are able to tell now.

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Exams, exams, exams…

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I’m still here but I’m extremely busy with my exams. I will make the site GDPR-compatible later. Until then, here some music:

P.S.: I really hate university-level Maths…

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About GDPR…

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Due to GDPR and my lack of time to make the site compatible I temporally disabled registration. Also I made something similar to a privacy policy under the “About us” page. Feel free to read it…

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Firefox – The returnal

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It has been about nine months since I switched to Chromium. I didn’t and don’t have a single problem with it but yesterday I decided to go back to Firefox.

Yep, a Firefox don’t really like other foxes to come and compete with him…

The first thought crossed my mind was like… “WELCOME TO MOZILLA CHROMIUM“. Firefox lost all of its uniqueness and became another Chrome-like browser. After using Chromium for months I don’t really care but it’s sad. We never asked for this change.

However things are improved:

  • first and foremost there are capable plugins for what I consider important (for example I’m huge fan of Panorama or Tab Groups)
  • also “cross-platform” plugins are cool
  • it’s GNU/Linux support is better now
  • broken things are not so broken (like you can opt out survey/studies now)
  • the general r...
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Not dead yet…

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Not quite dead yet… I’m just taking a bit long study break because I will have exams in the near future.

Sleeping in front of a PC can be quite relaxing…

Let’s hope it won’t take too much time to finish those cursed one and return to my natural habitat…

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