Firefox – The returnal


It has been about nine months since I switched to Chromium. I didn’t and don’t have a single problem with it but yesterday I decided to go back to Firefox.

Yep, a Firefox don’t really like other foxes to come and compete with him…

The first thought crossed my mind was like… “WELCOME TO MOZILLA CHROMIUM“. Firefox lost all of its uniqueness and became another Chrome-like browser. After using Chromium for months I don’t really care but it’s sad. We never asked for this change.

However things are improved:

  • first and foremost there are capable plugins for what I consider important (for example I’m huge fan of Panorama or Tab Groups)
  • also “cross-platform” plugins are cool
  • it’s GNU/Linux support is better now
  • broken things are not so broken (like you can opt out survey/studies now)
  • the general responsiveness of GUI is better (it feels like it’s better than Chromium)

I’m still testing the browser but the only annoyance I came across is diagonal tearing during fast scrolling. I regulary see this issue on Linux but this time it’s only Firefox. Dunno why but that’s how it is.

My overall feelings about this change is positive but let’s see how it will turn out in the future.