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Youtube series – Walking in Akihabara

EnglishYoutube One comment - Seya.Raysen

Heya~ I’m here again with the next video. A little walking around Akihabara, which is Tokyo’s anime and tech otaku district. This YT channel is very nice~ a lot of 4K videos from Japan.

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Novelek 01 – Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

HungarianNovel No comments - Seya.Raysen

Itt is vagyok a „novelsorozat” következő epizódjával. Ami történetesen az egyik kedvencem.

De mielőtt belevágnék, előbb egy dolgot tisztázzunk. A mostani novelsorozatban egy-egy kivétellel olyan műveket szándékozok bemutatni, ami tökéletesen beleesik az „OP MC” kategóriába (Overpowered Main Character). Magyarán a főhősünk messze erősebb bárkinél, és csak a sztori miatt érdekes a mű, nem pedig azért, mert megszenved minden egyes győzelméért. Úgy találtam, hogy így élvezetesebb a történet. Legalábbis számomra, mert ne felejtsük el, hogy ezek a művek NEKEM tetszenek és csak bemutatom őket.

Na de lássuk is a lényeget.

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

Death Marching to the Parallel World Rhapsody

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Youtube series – start

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I start this Youtube corner on this blog, because… just. Why not? I’ll put here a few videos from now on. Interesting videos, boring videos and helluva borish videos (basically all video just japanese travel and machine otaku videos). Wahahaha! This is my collection, so if you have time, enjoy.

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Picture of the day – 2017-07-09

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

I neglected my “job” in the last few days but it’s time for a picture-of-the-day post. This time the artist is Karory and a fun fact about her… it seems like her name came from “caloire” (カロリー). Oh, and yet another artist with many NSFW pictures, please be aware of that.

Source: | Artist: karory (pixiv) | Circle: KAROMIX | Webpage:

Next time I should post a picture/wallpaper with a different setup/theme maybe a scenic picture like this (I’m using this one as my lock screen for my PC).

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A small rant about Windows 10

EnglishOperating SystemRant 2 comments - Kagamin

Let’s talk about Microsoft latest operating system and my user experience as far. I started to use Manjaro (arch-based GNU/Linux distro) a few months ago and honestly I’m quite satisfied with it’s performance and reliability (okay, a small bug here, another one there but nothing that I can’t handle). At my workplace we have some new hardware (powered by Kaby Lake CPUs) so we have to use Windows 10 to get updates for the OS and I also have a Windows 10 installation as a virtual machine for obvious compatibility reasons.

Bye Nanami, it was fun but it’s over now…

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