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Let’s talk about Microsoft latest operating system and my user experience as far. I started to use Manjaro (arch-based GNU/Linux distro) a few months ago and honestly I’m quite satisfied with it’s performance and reliability (okay, a small bug here, another one there but nothing that I can’t handle). At my workplace we have some new hardware (powered by Kaby Lake CPUs) so we have to use Windows 10 to get updates for the OS and I also have a Windows 10 installation as a virtual machine for obvious compatibility reasons.

Bye Nanami, it was fun but it’s over now…

So what I experienced so far?

  • dumb update policies (it was not unprecedented in the history some of the packages from Microsoft broke something… in the past you could hide the problematic update, well, not anymore)
  • a wild update appeared (I can’t describe with other words how updates are offered and installed at the worst possible times)
  • programs you can’t uninstall (like Cortana and other Microsoft products)
  • unreasonable multi-display management (I can’t understand why the system in extended desktop mode turns off all the displays when ONLY I turn off my primary monitor and where can I deactive this feature)
  • issues with the filesystem? (I’m not sure why but one of my programs created a folder with a period in it’s name, after that windows was beyond help and couldn’t open/delete/etc. it)
  • hard to install legacy drivers (I tried to install AC97 and succeed but that wasn’t a fun ride)
  • strange issues with my Logitech webcam (it can’t output video when it’s connected via USB 3 port)
  • it’s not always good to change the old ways (I really hate the GUI changes that are being made for example the new control panel)
  • Microsoft EULA is everything but user-friendly (we do whatever we want because we have the right to do it)
  • it’s still spying on us (well, basic mode means nothing… Barnacules made a very good video about this issue)

My first GNU/Linux distro I used was Ubuntu 9.04 and I can say that the user experience on recent distros are soooooo~ much better than back at the old days that I can’t describe with words (those were dark times). I will write an article about how to set up QEMU/KVM on arch-based systems so stay tuned because this is a good time to ditch Windows. By the way I think Windows 7 is the best OS Microsoft ever made and I will keep it on my older machines until 2020.

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2 comments to A small rant about Windows 10

  • Nightingale Nightingale  says:

    Basically, if you want to have a good W10 config, then you have to break the bi*ch before updates. Best way is from the development stage version. You get know her and where’s where, after that, you can update it… In two turns at least, since it has that much of kernel updates. But first of all – for legacy drivers and blacklisted publishers too – you have to disable Smart Screen, who is main dirty hag in the system.

    Also, I would mention as a fault the “stuck updates”, which is a common problem since WinXP that some updates tend to stuck and you have to mingle with the registry to continue.

    Wild  updates will be a common thing now since the ransomware problem is getting out of hand sometimes, but yeah, a wild update can f*ck up your settings and sometimes even your whole computer.

    • Kagamin Kagamin  says:

      I’m not into breaking already broken operating systems. 😀

      Joking aside you can’t be sure what your operating system is doing and another update what will break or change (even with the modification that you mentioned). Microsoft became unpredictable with this new and “shiny” way of thinking “Windows as a service”.

      In a virtual machine it’s okay but if your Windows is on bare metal and you’re using it as a working enviroment than that will be a whole different story.

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