A small rant about Windows 10


Let’s talk about Microsoft latest operating system and my user experience as far. I started to use Manjaro (arch-based GNU/Linux distro) a few months ago and honestly I’m quite satisfied with it’s performance and reliability (okay, a small bug here, another one there but nothing that I can’t handle). At my workplace we have some new hardware (powered by Kaby Lake CPUs) so we have to use Windows 10 to get updates for the OS and I also have a Windows 10 installation as a virtual machine for obvious compatibility reasons.

Bye Nanami, it was fun but it’s over now…

So what I experienced so far?

  • dumb update policies (it was not unprecedented in the history some of the packages from Microsoft broke something… in the past you could hide the problematic update, well, not anymore)
  • a wild update appeared (I can’t describe with other words how updates are offered and installed at the worst possible times)
  • programs you can’t uninstall (like Cortana and other Microsoft products)
  • unreasonable multi-display management (I can’t understand why the system in extended desktop mode turns off all the displays when ONLY I turn off my primary monitor and where can I deactive this feature)
  • issues with the filesystem? (I’m not sure why but one of my programs created a folder with a period in it’s name, after that windows was beyond help and couldn’t open/delete/etc. it)
  • hard to install legacy drivers (I tried to install AC97 and succeed but that wasn’t a fun ride)
  • strange issues with my Logitech webcam (it can’t output video when it’s connected via USB 3 port)
  • it’s not always good to change the old ways (I really hate the GUI changes that are being made for example the new control panel)
  • Microsoft EULA is everything but user-friendly (we do whatever we want because we have the right to do it)
  • it’s still spying on us (well, basic mode means nothing… Barnacules made a very good video about this issue)

My first GNU/Linux distro I used was Ubuntu 9.04 and I can say that the user experience on recent distros are soooooo~ much better than back at the old days that I can’t describe with words (those were dark times). I will write an article about how to set up QEMU/KVM on arch-based systems so stay tuned because this is a good time to ditch Windows. By the way I think Windows 7 is the best OS Microsoft ever made and I will keep it on my older machines until 2020.