Why I don’t need a Coffee Lake CPU

Let me state this… I think the author of this video is right. But I have many problems with the means in order to reach the maximum performance. And why the heck Intel uses sh*tty thermal paste between the IHS and the die for an overclockable CPU? But I digress…

In order to get your overclockable Coffee Lake CPU to perform much better than Ryzen, you have to:

  • buy a delid tool
  • delid your CPU
  • risk to rekt your CPU
  • void your warranty
  • buy liquid metal thermal compound
  • apply the compound and reseal the CPU
  • buy or have a beefy cooler (like a Cryorig R1 or Noctua NH-D14/15)
  • have a high-end motherboard

Well, that’s quite a bit demand (read: unreasonable) for a performance boost.

After Intel recent screw-ups like:

  • the childish campaign against Threadripper (“glued together” presentation)
  • the whole Core i9 fiasco (everything is “up to” and locked-down features)
  • the Coffee lake paper lauch (basically reviewers could get them and a lucky few)
  • Intel ME vulnerability (after version 12 it will be more difficult for security experts to find these because why not)
  • CEO’s not so moral stock selling habits (he sold half of his stock before the vulnerabilities came to light)
  • the poor PR for Meltdown and Spectre (I did a previous post about this)
  • the firmware updates that brick your AMD and Intel system

I’m not planning to buy an Intel CPU. I will wait and see the Ryzen APU lauch and whether it suits my needs or not.

Edit: I had bought a 8600k so I betrayed my ideals but I didn’t have money for a second GPU… because of the global GPU shortage. But oh, well…




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