A PC enthusiast honest opinion about mining

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DISCLAIMER: I consider myself a PC enthusiast so my opinion about mining is one-sided. And yes, I’m angry.

I wanted to build a new rig… WANTED. As GPU prices hit new records I’m no longer able to buy a new PC. And the sole reason is? MINERS.

Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB pricing chart, source: https://pcpartpicker.com/trends/price/video-card/

Reason of the price jump

I don’t really understand people caring and spending so much about… well, what… mathematical formulas? And worst part is they are not currencies anymore because they are investments. The number of altcoins slowly but steadily will reach the number of the stars on the night sky. This situation is a complete joke except nobody laughing.

That’s where your GPUs went. Edited, source: http://blog.logicalincrements.com/

So until the craze is over I will be stuck with my over-six-year-old hardware (so no GPU passthrough). Good job miners, good job stupidity.

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2 comments to A PC enthusiast honest opinion about mining

  • Nightingale Nightingale  says:

    At least something is happening lately with these alt-f*cking-coins. South Korea outlaws them, and not just they recently.

    Also, GPU manufacturers are consider making special cards for miners. Yeah, and I’m sceptical all ’bout that it would suffice them. Or just to say it with an X-Files reference: <a href=”http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/283/235/7e3.jpg” title=”Mulder, what have you done?!”>I want to believe</a>.

    Also, Bitcoin made a huge up-and-down, going up to 16k only for fall to 8k first, then back to 12k, then 6k. And all I was: “oh ‘kay”…

    Either way: if I want to make some money, then I just lend my resources to a mainframe at MTA, NASA to calculate trajectories, process digital images and so on… It’s a viable thing to do, but nah…

    • Kagamin Kagamin  says:

      At least it seems like the GPU prices are started to fall. The Ethereum’s mining dificulty went up and let’s hope another huge coin crash.

      Also, GPU manufacturers are consider making special cards for miners.

      Nah, their resale value is low so their is no chance that the concept will work.

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