Firefox – every good thing has come to an end…

I started to use Firefox as a main browser around 2007 but after almost ten years I can’t agree anymore with the direction Mozilla and their browser have recently taken. For example I hate Australis but with add-ons like Classic Theme Restorer I can mostly restore the original layout of the browser. By the way more than half of the addons I use are functionality restoring ones that put back the features Mozilla removed (like Panorama, the download window etc). With Firefox 57 that will change because XPCOM and XUL will be removed from the equation. So what will differ Firefox from any chrome-based browser? Almost NOTHING. Plus I don’t want experience the growing pain of the new back-end as an user.

The war between browsers in the past (image source:

And I read this article not too long ago and my hopes were gone. I’m not really like the idea of adding automatic sorting mechanism into a browser because it can be abused and used like a censorship tool. I mean if this is true then they won’t let me to decide what to read or not and that’s very disturbing.

I don’t have too many open-source alternatives that’s why I chose Chromium. That doesn’t change the fact I don’t like Google at all and I will never use Chrome. Google Chrome and Chromium are lacking many features that I liked in Firefox but with extensions you can add many cool features to it. The extension I use:

I started to use Chromium yesterday and it’s not bad but it’s not as comfy as Firefox was. That said I couldn’t agree with Firefox anymore…



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  1. Seya.Raysen Avatar

    We love Firefox. I mean, we loved. Chromium installed yesterday. I try some add-on and I find a lot good stuff too. But I don’t find any good add-on for bookmarks and I miss the ol’ good cookie manager. I mean, I use this Vanilla Cookie Manager too, but this not too good for me.

    I can use this on Chromium too:

    Rikai translator – coz’ I need this 😛

    Image search – basic stuff

    Stylish – just some customization

    Some webpage don’t work normally for me in Chromium yet, so I need a little try & trial. Now I use Chromium and FF both.

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