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After the last update Ghostery decided to not work neither of my devices (browser: Firefox, OS: Linux and Windows). So I thought it was time to replace with another addon. I chose Ublock Origin and I don’t regret my decision.

Choose wisely your fox’s companion!


  • it’s an open-source project and non-proprietary (remember Ghostery was acquired by Cliqz)
  • a lot of settings you can play around
  • more efficient than Ghostery (for a while Ghostery’s content filtering and especially it’s GUI quite laggy)
  • 2-in-1 (I also removed Adblock Plus)
  • element hiding functions (just like in Adblock Plus)


  • in the element-hider mode I can’t see the page only object boxes
  • harder to configure
  • MAL can detect it and nag you (acquired by CraveOnline, MAL became a huge pain in the ass in that aspect)
  • I’m hiding those stupid ad placeholders but with them other things are also hidden on MAL (like my friendlist etc.)
  • GUI could be improved

If you are about to change then you will find Ublock Origin useful in my opinion.

4 comments to Ghostery – it’s time to switch

  • Nightingale Nightingale  says:

    I’ve tried this out.

    Other cons:
    – doesn’t filter out the video adverts on Youtube, Inda etc. like Stands did;
    – doesn’t filter out a lot other nuisances like click based pop-up (when you click on something, but instead of the link opens, a pop-up window comes up).

    Most of the things, it’s pretty good, but overall, it didn’t really impressed me.

    • Kagamin Kagamin  says:

      Poke around in the settings because default configurations are dumb. In my case it can do everything that Adblock Plus and Ghostery could…

      • Nightingale Nightingale  says:

        It looks like some things are not really that conveniently described. And some new updates came with new elements, that wasn’t added to the prohib list.

        • Kagamin Kagamin  says:

          Yes, the mentioned addons user inferfaces are fancier and also easier to use but I like to challenge myself. 😀

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