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Goals and changes

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Hi there!

After little more than a month (and after some hard exams) I’ve decided the future goals of this blog. Basically I will bring back the Picture of the day posts and the music recommendation section. The blog will further go into this direction and I will start to recommend VN for example. I will abandoned the more tech-savvy stuff and only write about when it’s related to entertainment (like how to setup a virtual machine in order to play games or something like this).

Another noteworthy announcement Seya.Raysen retired as an editor so the blog basically is a one-man army now.

That’s all for now! SQUADALA, I’M OFF!

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Sorting out

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I’m still sorting out what should I do with this blog. I don’t have too much time to write what I want to. But I also opened the registration and so if you have any suggestion then you are able to tell now.

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Exams, exams, exams…

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I’m still here but I’m extremely busy with my exams. I will make the site GDPR-compatible later. Until then, here some music:

P.S.: I really hate university-level Maths…

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About GDPR…

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Due to GDPR and my lack of time to make the site compatible I temporally disabled registration. Also I made something similar to a privacy policy under the “About us” page. Feel free to read it…

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Not dead yet…

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Not quite dead yet… I’m just taking a bit long study break because I will have exams in the near future.

Sleeping in front of a PC can be quite relaxing…

Let’s hope it won’t take too much time to finish those cursed one and return to my natural habitat…

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