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Picture of the day – 2019-06-25


Let’s start with this picture. The artist is called kukka and I found her work recently.

Kemonomimi + Beautiful scenery = Awesomeness

Source: | Artist: kukkakukka09 [pixiv] | Webpage:

And also I use this one from her as a background at the moment.


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Worth to check out – 2019-06-24


As I promised the big revival of this section.

[Alstroemeria Records] conversion

Vocal: Ayame | Album: CLOCK LOCK THINK | Transcription: Petalite Yuu | Original track

You should also check out the refix version of this track here.

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Goals and changes


Hi there!

After little more than a month (and after some hard exams) I’ve decided the future goals of this blog. Basically I will bring back the Picture of the day posts and the music recommendation section. The blog will further go into this direction and I will start to recommend VN for example. I will abandoned the more tech-savvy stuff and only write about when it’s related to entertainment (like how to setup a virtual machine in order to play games or something like this).

Another noteworthy announcement Seya.Raysen retired as an editor so the blog basically is a one-man army now.

That’s all for now! SQUADALA, I’M OFF!

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