Is GCC on our doorstep?

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Today I will talk about *CENSORED* so I think we *CENSORED* so that’s why we should *CENSORED*. If today’s trend continue then “free speech” in the future will look something like this.

GCC is an arconym for Global Corporate Congress and it is a reference to a show called Continuum. The future that show depict is quite dark and somewhat realistic. A future where big companies are in control of every aspect of life after the fall of governments. I don’t want to live a world like that PERIOD.

3 comments to Is GCC on our doorstep?

  • Nightingale Nightingale  says:

    Which core principles of National Socialism? Heck, it’s called National Socialism for a reason: it’s based on Karl Marx’s and Friedrich Engels’ Socialist and Communist principles with a touch of Nationalism and Chauvinism, not thinking in global terms but in general on a national scale. The other principles, like the eugenics, Final Solution, occultism are meant to fill those holes. Occultism and mysticism for the lack of the Church and discarded religion, turning back to the (neo-)paganic root of a nation’s ancient religion with a mixture of everything. Final Solution was a reaction for the logistic problems in overall of the lager system, that held back the state financially (as declared in 1942, Wannsee).

    First of all, I welcome the helding back of extremist groups, because of the rising tide and tendency of the effects of populism. In that certain point, I agree with the necessity of shutting ’em down, like they should do it with the anti-vaxxers. But as for my example with the anti-vaxxers, they threaten more people around them and globally alike, than these extremists. Or clowns like alt-righters.

    • Kagamin Kagamin  says:

      You missed the point because there more into this… read the quote from the CEO of Cloudflare. “I shut them down ‘cuz I don’t like them.” That’s the problem… there is a legal procedure to do this in the right way. Let me state this I don’t like either side but in this case I don’t give a damn about the nazis or commies. These almighty companies are gaining to much power to the point where nobody can regulate them anymore. They have a shit-ton of money and they can control the flow of information. Basically they have everything to win a war.

      That’s point of my article and not about debating extremist.

      • Nightingale Nightingale  says:

        Basically, this thing popped out because of politics and extremists, the Charlottesville incident, and yet so far this is just controlled around it. Even now, from FB to Google, most of the tech companies are eager to cut their profits for make the fake news and hate speech halt. So I haven’t missed the point behind it, but I haven’t gave a global term for that vague quote, like it was said without any particular reason when it had some.

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