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Picture of the day – 2017-11-22

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

Nothing much to say… I looked for a smartphone wallpaper yesterday and came across this picture. I really liked it so I thought why not to share. The artist is called La-na (presumably a female artist) and as far I can see all of her pictures are safe to work.

Our favourite shrine maiden…

Source: | Artist: La-na (pixiv) | Webpage:

Today’s advice… don’t trust the sites you are using and don’t trust Google neither. Also RIP net neutrality

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Picture of the day – 2017-11-12

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

Yet again a favourite of mine… I have admired An2a’s works for a long time. Most of the pictures from her are safe to work… most. Guessing from the name An2a (read as Anna or An^2a) the artist is a female or a male with a kinda weird humor.

Love-colored Master Spark!

Source: | Artist: An2a (pixiv) | Circle: Wind Mail

By the way Intel ME is a pretty shady thing and it’s everywhere so get a discreet NIC to neuter it.

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Picture of the day – 2017-11-06

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

It’s been a quite while I last posted something. First of all let me blame the stupid flu that I managed to get during a morning dash to my workplace. During the mornings it’s getting quite chilly here.

About today’s picture… previously I was not familiar with Gengetsu Chiriro‘s work, but oh well…

“Come, poor soul. an endless journey with me..”

Source: | Artist: Gengetsu Chihiro (pixiv)

P.S. Expect more coming later and of course I’m STILL ALIVE!

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Picture of the day – 2017-08-04

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

Okay, so I neglected my “job” for a long time. I know but this freakin’ hot weather is slowly killing me. But I digress… today’s picture is from Yuuki Tatsuya. The majority of his pictures are SFW but expect some questionable ones too. If you are someone like me who enjoys recent SOL seinen stuff (A Channel, Yuyushiki, Yuru Yuri and so on) than you will find a shit-ton of a good pictures in his gallery.

I don’t know why but I loved this show…

Source: | Artist: Yuuki Tatsuya (pixiv) | Circle: Studio S.D.T. | Webpage:

I broke my promise and I uploaded a non-scenic image but oh well…


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Picture of the day – 2017-07-09

EnglishPicture of the day No comments - Kagamin

I neglected my “job” in the last few days but it’s time for a picture-of-the-day post. This time the artist is Karory and a fun fact about her… it seems like her name came from “caloire” (カロリー). Oh, and yet another artist with many NSFW pictures, please be aware of that.

Source: | Artist: karory (pixiv) | Circle: KAROMIX | Webpage:

Next time I should post a picture/wallpaper with a different setup/theme maybe a scenic picture like this (I’m using this one as my lock screen for my PC).

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