Picture of the day – 2017-11-12

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Yet again a favourite of mine… I have admired An2a’s works for a long time. Most of the pictures from her are safe to work… most. Guessing from the name An2a (read as Anna or An^2a) the artist is a female or a male with a kinda weird humor.

Love-colored Master Spark!

Source: Yande.re | Artist: An2a (pixiv) | Circle: Wind Mail

By the way Intel ME is a pretty shady thing and it’s everywhere so get a discreet NIC to neuter it.

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Picture of the day – 2017-11-06

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It’s been a quite while I last posted something. First of all let me blame the stupid flu that I managed to get during a morning dash to my workplace. During the mornings it’s getting quite chilly here.

About today’s picture… previously I was not familiar with Gengetsu Chiriro‘s work, but oh well…

“Come, poor soul. an endless journey with me..”

Source: Yande.re | Artist: Gengetsu Chihiro (pixiv)

P.S. Expect more coming later and of course I’m STILL ALIVE!

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Youtube series – Lets ride a bike

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I like the GoPro videos. So… just enjoy.

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Novelek 02 – Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomoni

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A nagy nyári meleg elhaladtával ismét képes vagyok billentyűzetet ragadni és folytatni a cikkírást. El is hoztam nektek a következő részt.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomoni

In a Different World with a Smartphone

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Is GCC on our doorstep?

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Today I will talk about *CENSORED* so I think we *CENSORED* so that’s why we should *CENSORED*. If today’s trend continue then “free speech” in the future will look something like this.

GCC is an arconym for Global Corporate Congress and it is a reference to a show called Continuum. The future that show depict is quite dark and somewhat realistic. A future where big companies are in control of every aspect of life after the fall of governments. I don’t want to live a world like that PERIOD.

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